About Us

Our purpose:  

401k Sales Force develops new retirement plan sales opportunities for advisors.
We specialize in that one thing.
We do it well.
And we do it economically.

Our background:

Retirement plan advisors
invented 401k Sales Force.

Advisors created the program to provide prospecting services customized to their brand, their service model, and their target markets.

Because of the tremendous cost and work involved in training tele-prospectors to market effectively in our industry, the advisors decided that the best program would be a shared tele-prospecting resource.

401k Sales Force is not affiliated with any broker dealer or investment advisor; we are directed by a board of independent retirement plan advisors.

Why it works:

401k Sales Force leverages the talent, experience and volume of multiple advisor practices to produce the highest quality product at the lowest cost.

Specialization means that we know your business.
Volume permits us to receive institutional pricing on prospecting services and to work with multiple B-to-B tele-prospecting companies.

Leverage permits you to benefit from the successes of other retirement plan advisors.

Our management team:

By design, 401k Sales Force exists on a small budget and with a small staff.

We keep overhead low by purchasing just the right amount of top-quality management. Your dollars are spent on tele-prospector time.

Your primary contacts are:

Mike Taffi, President
Robert Kaiser, Sales Manager
Tracy McCormick, Office/Project Manager

Is 401k Sales Force, LLC right for you?

401k Sales Force works for retirement plan specialists. Our customers desire a consistent and steady flow of prospects. Ifyou have reached a level in your practice where you desire to outsource lead generation, give us a call.



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